Creative Ways to Increase Storage Space

If you are like most people, then you never have enough storage space to hold all of your stuff. The good news is, there are many ways to maximize your storage space, especially if you get creative. Use up the various areas you have available to you, even those areas that sit at odd angles or that are not commonly used for storage.

If you have a built-out window seat that has cabinets, you can store a lot of stuff inside those cabinets, all the while enjoying a nice place to sit and look out the window. You can also store items in a deep built-in headboard on your bed, where you have a concealed area for storing things that is accessible from above.

Most people also don’t realize the hidden storage space found under sinks.

You can easily purchase shelving units at most stores that are specifically designed to go underneath sinks and which make room for piping.

If you live in an open-area type design, such as a loft or studio apartment, you will need to create your functional areas. You can buy dividers that can, in essence, separate the “rooms”. In doing so, you can create a “room” that is for storage, while keeping your stored items out of sight. There are some dividers that even come with shelving and lighting on one side, with the other side acting as a plain wall, or as another side of storage shelves.

There are many ways to make sure you get the most storage out of the space you have available. You can use storage towers that are stackable and movable that will fit into small but tall areas. You can buy storage pieces that are specifically designed for corners or angled areas, making use of areas that typically are left unused. Look through your junk mail. Many catalogs that you get in the mail have great storage ideas and products.

Do not forget where you sleep. Most of us use nightstands that sit next to our beds. So much easier to quickly turn on a light. Most nightstands have drawers that provide additional storage areas. When shopping for a nightstand (or possibly two to have on either side of the bed), look for ones that have at least two drawers. The drawers should be relatively deep and wide to maximize the amount of stuff that can be stored in them.